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Midnight Sun 7s

Rugby Festival,

Anchorage, Alaska

June 8, 2019

Pure speed and athleticism are the foundational skills that make sevens rugby standout. The game is played with non-stop action, thrilling attacks, and game-saving tackles.



Combined with live music and a selection of delicious food, this is a tournament that no one should miss!


JUNE 8, 2019 


19001 Finland Street, Anchorage, AK 99501


23rd Annual Midnight Sevens Rugby Festival, featuring over 19 hours of daylight!

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9:00-17:00 PM

Single Elimination Round! Non-stop Rugby Action

11:00-20:00 PM

Start out the festival right with the right drinks! The Beer Garden is hosted by Matanuska Brewery. Beers are $25 for 5. 

The Tiki Bar is hosted by Beach Tribe Soda Works. 

13:20-18:00 PM

Fill your Hungry Tummy with 4 different food trucks.

Delicious food is being served by Jeepney

K Kitchens

Da Poke Man Express

PAOA Polynesian

14:20-15:20 PM

Kicking Off the Festival with the

Walk of Nations 

USA, Canada, Tonga, Samoa, and South Africa


Join us early to experience the color march by the United State Air-force and a flyby by Christ Reynolds

15:30-16:30 PM

Live performances opening with Roland Olayvar.

Headlining H3 Hawaiian Reggae Band

Closing with Hwy 9 

11:00-5:00 PM

Guys! We have Beer Yoga & Barre Beer

BEER YOGA - 11:00-13:30 PM

BARRE BEER - 14:00-15:30 PM


Booth Located Behind Food Truck 

Claim your free beer now
Code: "Yoga Beer"

17:00-19:00 PM

Get pumped up for the finals! 
Women's Plate Finals start at 5:40 PM

Men's Plate Finals start at 6:00 PM

Women's Cup Finals start at 6:20 PM

Men's Cup Finals start at 6:40 PM

21:00-00:00 PM

Hop onto our party bus and head down to Koots! Join the rugby family as we show off our best dress. Mention Rugby when order a drink at the bar! 

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