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Let your Festival adventure begin

The question is where will you start!

When you arrive at Alaska Mountain Rugby Ground for Midnight Sun 7s Rugby Festival, it will be one of the best times of the year! The start of summer solstice. When the "Dream" comes alive with festivals, special exhibitions, concerts ,and rugby. The H3 Hawaii Reggae will be playing at door 3. There will be concerts under the midnight sun at Koots for the after party and delicious street food from 4 food trucks. The festival diverse line up will rock you with craft brewed beer, gourmet cuisine, live music, live art, yoga with beer and much more! Midnight Sun 7s Rugby Festival in summer is the place to be!





Grab a friend and fill up your seats. Due to the poor road condition and limited parking, we encourage everyone to carpool to Alaska Mountain Rugby Ground. The festival will reward you with discount parking when you add more passengers. Enjoy $5 parking when you arrive with four or more in your vehicle. So, invite your friends and family.  

Price: $15 per Vehicle for single rider


Eat, Drink &

Be Merry


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks will be served through out the day! Our food trucks are Jeepney by Adobo Grill, Da Poke Man Express, Ks Kitchen and PAOA. Beer Garden open at noon. Beach Tribe Soda works will be serving mock- tail for designated drivers. 

Price: $11 - $15 per meal

VIP:    $120 per person

(unlimited food and beer) 


Bring Cash


Cash is King at the Alaska Mountain Rugby Ground. Many of our vendors are made up of volunteers. There will be activities, merchandise, and food to purchase. Bring cash and save us the 5% transaction fee! 


PopUp Tent


Pop up tents can be brought to all locations, as long as they are staked with SMALL, 5” SPIKES, OR SANDBAGS. It is extremely cost efficient to purchase these cheap 10 x 10 tents at the nearest Walmart, etc, and discard after the tournament. We prefer the Pop Up tent to be White. Please note, AMRG is located on a windy hill. Please Anchor your tent.


Walk of Nation

Teams get to show off their character, history and home country culture. We have seen teams in full Japanese ceremonial dress, Roman Centurions with chest shields and swords and undertakers complete with coffin! There are those with colourful wigs and others in beautiful South Pacific or Asian traditional dress. It is a sea of colourful creativity! Teams will line up along the try line to sing the National Anthems.



The rabbit creek exit leading up to the mountain ground will be close. We encourage all vehicles to continue driving on South Bound on Seaward Highway and exit at Potter Valley Rd

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